Classic Films Snippets

Francis Ford Coppola

Frances Ford Coppola is a well known director for directing two of the top three movies of all times according to the IMDB movie database. Coppola was the director of the Godfather part I and the Godfather part II. Born in Detroit Michigan, Coppola was mostly Italian (which may explain why his Godfather series had so much emotion). He first directed The Godfather which had a budget of $6,000,500. The movie ended up grossing $133,699,000, making it a huge box office success.

He then directed The Conversation with Gene Hackman (and Harrison Ford!) right before directing the Godfather Part II. Both films were considered for Best Picture and the Godfather Part II ended up winning. He is one of the few directors to have two films considered for Best Picture at the same academy awards. Since then his career has not been the same. His daughter Sofia Coppola is now a director who has been producing quality films as of late.

The Vertigo Alternative Ending

Vertigo was one of Alfred Hitchcock's best films. But did you know that he was asked to film an alternative ending to the movie because it was too grim? Well here it is... but I really don't think this makes the ending any less grim. In fact, it leaves you wondering what in the world he was thinking about adding this last scene.

Here is the alternative ending:

Rare Humphrey Bogart Bloopers

Enjoy this great interview about Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Inspiring talks about Bogart's filming of African Queen.

The Best of Best Films - Casablanca

If you asked someone to name a classic 1940 film, chances are one out of two would think of Casablanca. Casablanca was filmed in 1942 during World War II, starring some of the best casts in all of film history. Humphrey Bogart gained huge fame through this film where he plays Rick Blaine who owns a Rick's Café Américain, a nightclub and casino. During the film he is given letters of transit to hold onto which allow free passage from Casablanca to the United States.

Being very valuable at the time of the war, the letters of transit spin Rickey into a whole new world which includes his nightclub getting shut down, a female companion return to him and near death experiences. Casablanca is a thriller and also a piece of history. If you have not seen Casablanca this is a MUST WATCH film. There will never be another film that stars such great actors as Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

Contender for Best of Best Films - Double Indemnity.

One of the best classic films according to any film buff is Double Indemnity. It was directed by Billy Wilder who directed a number of famous films including Sunset Blvd, Some Like It Hot, A Lost Weekend and more. It is clear that Double Indemnity was filmed in Wilder's peak of success in 1944. The film is Narrated and starring Fred MacMurray. In this film he plays a corrupt insurance agent who decides to help someone try and claim a "double indemnity clause" by means of a murder.

The film is filmed such like a film noir and is considered one of the most classic film noirs of its time. This film is not only well filmed it also has a great plot that will keep you biting your nails. Without a doubt Double Indemnity earns an easy 4* in our books. Worth watching, and worth watching a second time.